Pep Talk (To Myself)

My subconscious is plotting against me, I am my own worst enemy, and any me is better than any of you. But any me is not the best he can be. So please sir no more backwards steps, I’d hate for the first place you took one to be the same as your last breath. We’ve already lost so much ground in such a short time, and it feels we’ll be underground in no time. As I return from this my last trip in time, I see so much wasted potential casted to the side. I pick some up and put in the back of my ride, may not be my destination anymore but it’ll add to my drive. Developing innovation from past inspirations might just take me to the point where I thrive. No longer shall I wait like I laid bait, I’m hunting down success with a mask and a cape. On second thought, I’ll leave the mask, I need him to know my face. Once I take him out I want him to know just who it was that took his place. And from there I’ll keep moving forward until I’m all out of space, somewhere beyond the stars is my final resting place. So just know that now if we said it we really meant that, and don’t worry about the ties that were cut, no need to mend that. No more stepping back but where you been, don’t forget that. Use the lessons of the past to patch up your armor where them holes be. And just know them other fools could never harm or control me. Because my subconscious is my only formidable enemy and it no longer plots against me, so any me is better anyone else could be.

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