Aligning My Goals


Recently I’ve rediscovered the library as a great resource for my general betterment.  One of the main goals I’ve been working on is reading and writing more, both of which go hand in hand for me.  I’ve been doing much better at reading but I’m far from reaching the level that I’ve set for myself this year.  I’ve purchased several books, read a few, and have added a ton more to my reading list.  Lately I’ve kind of reached an impasse because I have a short stack of books in my house that I need to read, but they’re all of a similar type and I’ve been wanting a switch in tone but to go out and purchase some new books would contradict my budget goals.  The total in my Amazon buggy stresses me out and I get reminded or how much college textbooks cost.  So I was at a stand still until, wham! It hit me.  Just go to the library.  

I rediscovered the library as a simple solution to successfully achieve two goals directly.  I wanted to read more books, and physical books to be specific because I’m old school like that, but I’m also trying to budget better so purchasing all the books on my list is not a very viable option.  Better utilizing the library was one hand helping the other.  But there were added benefits to this option.  The more obvious one is that the more I read the more I want to write, but there’s a little more to that causal relationship than meets the eye.  Ever since a youth, I’ve always had trouble doing work at home.  I just have trouble focusing and usually do better elsewhere which is why I started making sure that I did my homework at school and on the bus if possible.  Otherwise I would put it off and end up remember that I had homework to do just before I fell asleep.  I remember one too many nights after bedtime I would get up and be sprawled out in the middle of the floor trying to finish up my homework before my parents realized and fussed at me.  Even as a much more focused and diligent student in grad school I had to utilize coffee shops and the school library because I still just couldn’t seem to hone in at at home.   I also probably did at least 75% of my assignments on the job because I wasn’t doing anything at my internships to keep it 1 hunned.

Say all that to say that the library is becoming a great workspace for me as well.  I’m in the library now as i write this, so there’s an added level of productivity for me that I was not anticipating.  Another huge goal for me, no pun intended, is to get in better shape and drop some weight.  I rode my bike here today.  It’s not a terribly long or treacherous ride, took me about 20 minutes but hey it’s some extra activity to add outside of my regular workout regiment.  Also, the more active I am, the more motivated I am to eat healthy so it’s just wins all around.

One very basic option turned out to be a power move to leading a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle for me.  Point being, if you have some goals in life take a moment to sit down and see what you can do to align them.  All of your goals have at least one underlying connection and that’s that they are aimed to improve you.  So instead of looking at them all in their individual boxes to be checked off, put them in a pool and you might realize there is one or two simple solutions that can check off multiple marks.  And if you’re having trouble seeing a connecting line maybe bounce some ideas off of someone, sometimes it’s hard for us to see the answer even when it’s right in front of our faces.  Not saying there is an easy answer for every one and every situation, because I know life can be be complicated, but sometimes it’s not as complicated as we make it.

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