A Love Letter


Dear Black Woman,

You are the most amazing creature to ever walk this Earth, growing more and more beautiful with each passing second.  Your resilience and strength never ceases to amaze me, no matter what the circumstances, you still persist headstrong.  You are unbreakable.  The pressure piles on and yet you still glide along as effortlessly as a champion figure skater.  Anyone should be honored and humbled to have you in their presence for even a brief moment.

Your love is infinite, capable of fulfilling endless cups to the point of overflow.  You even love those who repeatedly turn their backs on you and treat you as mere objects.  We step on you, you support and lift us up.  We run out on you again and again, and you still provide shelter for us to retreat to.  We take and we take and provide nothing in return, but yet you still feed and nurture us even at the cost of your own well-being.  We are fools for mistaking Mother Earth, provider of life and nourishment, as mere dirt to be trampled on.

You are not only Earth but Moon, breaking off a piece of you to let God’s light shine through and shed light throughout the darkness, a beacon of hope.  I find inspiration in your perseverance and at the same time disgust in myself for creating situations for you to perservere to begin with. I should not be ravaging you for your resources and moving on to the next when I’ve had my fill, but rather I should be giving back tenfold for every piece of yourself you gave up to help me attain impossible heights. I realize I am nothing without you and am blessed beyond blessed to have experienced your loving grace and forgiveness.  I will forever love and protect you and strive to be half as inspiring as you in hopes to one day truly earn the love you have given me.  There is no greater sacrice than Black Woman’s love.


Black Man

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