Dating Grown: The Catch 22

In terms of dating, things have flipped for me for me from when I was younger.  Some odd years ago, machismo made the goal to have multiple women.  I didn’t really care or have the forethought to think about the long run nor was I really ready for it.  It was all about talking to as many girls as possible and “being the man.”  I was ignoring opportunities for real relationships while trying to play this game which, by the way, I wasn’t even that good at.  Fast-forward to today, I’m more successful at engaging women and playing the whole dating game, but I’m just not concerned with playing the game anymore.

Recently I’ve been talking to a few different women, all gorgeous with amazing minds, personalities, and careers.  Sounds like I have it all and should be enjoying the hell outta this right?  Not really.  It’s nice having a little squad, but not so much when all you want is one.  One woman to pour myself into and for her to reciprocate.  One woman to build something real and unique  with.  All of these ladies have a lot of potential but unfortunately things aren’t very serious with any of them, which is the only reason why I’m talking to multiple. (I swear I’m not a dog)  I’m still in the “getting to know you stage” with all of them.  We’re interested enough to talk from time to time and hang out when we can but it’s not a lot of development past that.  Unfortunately none of them stand out well enough above the others for me to cut the rest off and pursue her for varying reasons.  Some are physically located at a distance which is complicating things, for others, they’re more emotionally distant and hard to link up with.

It’s not that I want to be a player (I’m not, I just crush a lot), as I’ve stated, I really just want to be  with one woman.  But I’m just trying to looking at it logically.  I’m no where near serious with any of these women at this point.  I know there’s a decent level of interest there, but we don’t see or even talk to each other on a regular basis yet.  It’s kind of hard and foolhardy to commit to someone who isn’t committed to you.  It’s just too early to call.  I just can’t quite see where any of these situations will be going in the near future.  Which is why I’m still exploring all of my options until I get to that level with the right person.

So there’s my Catch 22.  I’m just at this point where I’m actively dating and it’s cool because I’m kicking it with some amazing women. And let’s be honest, we all know for men it kind of gives you the juice among your crew (word to Marley Marl).  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I’m not concerned with that anymore.  So I’m stuck playing this game until I find the one that will take me away from it.  On top of that, new opportunities arise everyday.  I’m not necessarily interested in pursuing everyone that presents itself, but I’m in a place right now where I’m not committed to anyone and neither is anyone to me.  So if a beautiful young lady is interested in meeting up and talking, I don’t really have a very good reason to say no.  Because in the back of my mind I’ll be wondering, “what if she’s the one?”



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