We Should Probably Stop Rating Women Like Show Dogs

I just feel a certain kind of way when guys hold women to these impossible standards.  Someone calls a woman beautiful, Lupita for example, and then here comes all these hatin ass haters with their comments.  “She not that fine.”  “There are waaayy finer dark skinned women.” And so many other irrelevant ass comments I’d rather not share, most of which seem to be aimed more at swarthy women than those of the brighter complexion, but that’s a conversation for another day.  Bottom line, men always feel it’s our duty to rate women and we are justified in doing so no matter how harsh our comments.  We like to post pics of what is a “gorgeous/bad/fine/sexy” woman, and I find it funny that most cats I know with the harshest commentary often date women that are nowhere near these standards they hold for all women.

Not saying any of this to down play any woman’s beauty or to offend any of my homies (and this is not directed at anyone in particular, just speaking in general).  But I just find it funny that if I were to bring up a woman in our group, she could get ripped apart for why she aint that fine and how she should look more like (insert random IG model) and yet your girlfriend looks nothing like that.  The irony in that to me is that, if this were your ol’ lady, you wouldn’t want someone to talk about how she’s not that fine and there are prettier women out there.  Not saying your woman is not fine, she beautiful (and I mean that in the most respectful way possible).   The important thing is, is that she is beautiful to you, and that’s all that matters.

What I’m saying is that you can’t just uphold women to these impossible standards because there is beauty in all and you should recognize it.  Or maybe just keep foul opinions to yourself more.  I hope you’re not looking at your wife and thinking, “she alright, I’ll beat but she ain’t no Beyonce.”  And I hope you would take offense if you hear someone saying anything like that about her.  Just imagine if you post a pic of your woman for WCW and it gets blown up with comments like, “she straight for a dark skinned chick, but there are way badder joints out there.”

Moral here, stop being so concerned with making women feel like less than they are.  I know physical attraction can vary from person to person and I recognize that I find some more attractive than others (lawd knows I got a thing for Nicole Behrie and Simone Missick).  But just because I find someone more attractive, doesn’t make another ugly.  If women held men to the same standards, more than half us aint making the cut, so humble yourself bruh.

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