I’m A Little Irritated These Days

A few things that put me on edge lately:

1) Any student loan talk that doesn’t involve the phrase, “We have forgiven all of your debt.”

2) Hearing drunk stories about myself in the days following homecoming….sooo many stories when you only remember about 45 minutes of a full day. Seriously, I gotta chill, but I’d also appreciate one of my homies just letting stuff go and stop bringing it up.

3) White people talking about [insert anything]

I’ve noticed lately that my blood boils a bit when I hear white people use the word “discrimination” in regards to themselves personally. “They can’t do that!  That would be discriminatory!”  I always want to reply with something like, “Bih yes they can.  You must not know white people.”  Probably a similar feeling Native American’s have when white people talk about immigrants being a threat.

I have a similar feeling when people with no authority make comments on my culture. I aint here for that ish no mo.  Yeah I know ol’ boy messed up but I don’t need you talking about how he’s not good for my culture, let me do that while you shut up.  (See The Read’s episode where they speak on Charlemagne’s recent flub and Peter Rosenburg’s comments on it).

What really put this on my heart was this video I watched that was the top 10 rap clichés that need to go away.  And here’s the thing, I don’t necessarily disagree with all of it, but I don’t like it coming from presumably white people with a majority white fan base.  I don’t need yall’s opinion on tropes in my culture, especially before you address the ones that need to disappear from yours.  Let us do us, we don’t need any more input from yall.  In fact, it’s your direct involvement and discrimination that has lead us down this path of doing things that you find “unsatisfactory” in the first place.  Make it illegal for Jamaal to learn to read his whole life then want to talk about how it irritates you that he’s illiterate.  Fugg outta here son.  So I’m sorry (most definitely not sorry) that you take umbrage with stuff that aint even meant for yall.  Stay out my damn pot.  This ish I’m cookin aint meant for yours.

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