Gearing Up For A New Year

Well folks, we’ve almost made it to a new year!  And good riddance to 2016, according to most folks I see via social media.  It’s been a rough year on a grand scale for a lot of people.  To state the obvious, Donald Trump winning the presidency which is…umm yeah.  We lost a lot of icons this year, which I’m not sure is exclusive to 2016 but to some it feels like it is.  A bunch of bull ish like the Harambe trolls happened.  There have been numerous tragedies, i.e. the Orlando shooting.  So I will not disagree, this year has been a trying one.

This year has kind of been all over the place for me.  I had periods of both progression and stagnation.  Experienced the rapture of new love and the sorrow of heart break.  Went to quite a few dope concerts and my first comic convention.  In general I’ve been doing a lot of things to make me happy that I haven’t done previously.  There are things looking back I wish I could do better, but I see growth in comparison to previous years.   And that’s what I aim to carry into 2017.

I’m not really one for making New Years Resolutions, as I find them to typically be hollow promises.  The equivalent of flexing on Twitter long before social media existed.  Not saying that some people don’t hold themselves to them, in my experience most people just say a generic goal off the top of their head without any real intention on how they aim to achieve it.  So I’d rather not lump my goals into that same category.  Also, why wait until the end of the calendar year to decide to do better?  You can do that at any point in the year. *steps off soapbox*

Anywhom, I do understand the energy that comes from the dawn of another year on this planet and I would like to capitalize on that to make way with my plans that are already in place.  A couple of years ago, I made a few goals and I’ve been working towards them more and more each day, and I’m proud of myself for that.  I have quite a few things that I want to achieve, more than I feel like listing in this post.  Also, I haven’t quite laid everything out yet but once I do I will put it on my Goals Board.  I planned to spend this last week of 2016 organizing and getting a jump start on everything, but I contracted a virus over Christmas and it’s set me back a bit.  I’m not quite 100 yet but I hopefully will be able to be productive this weekend.  And that is the best advice I could give anyone going into the new year, go into it doing exactly what you want to accomplish.

You want to lose weight?  Don’t wait until Jan 1st, the gym open right now.

Write everything down, post it up somewhere where you have to see it.  It’s not going to magically make things happen (there’s never one item that will so stop searching for it), but it most definitely helps you focus.  And sometimes, maybe your goals are a bit unrealistic. Not trying to shoot anyone down but sometimes you have to break it down into steps.  Accomplishing those smaller mile markers will keep you motivated all the way to the big picture.

Let’s do something different.  I say make your New Years Resolution to institute New Months Resolutions.  Set more attainable goals that you can keep yourself in check for more frequently than every 365.  Just a thought tho.  Anyway, a Happy New Years to all and may 2017 bring you much growth and prosperity.  I’ll see ya’ll on the other side.

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