Dating Grown: This Ish Adds Up

As you may know, I’m still in this dating game but the game done changed.  I’ve been casually dating a few different women and it sounds all good until I look at my budget.  Treating these ladies on a regular basis takes a toll on my bank account.  Back in my day, we were Netflixin’ and chillin’ long before Netflix, that game aint nothing new.  It was BlockBuster and bussin'(RIP to a real one).  But that’s besides the point, point is, that was more acceptable because we were all broke so most girls were not too pressed for you to drop money on them.  Now we’re grown and have grown up jobs and the ways of old don’t slide by that easy.  In the immortal words of the great Phonte, “These hoes ain’t impressed with Applebees no mo’.”

Let the records show that I am by no means cheap.  I went out with a girl years ago and took her to your standard restaurant, couple of steps above Ruby Tuesdays or whatever. Come to find out, she was talking trash about how cheap I was and I had to kindly correct her.  I wasn’t cheap, I was broke as hell.  That meal I bought was my last dollars at the time so I gave her my all.  You have to live within your means and if I can’t afford to do it, I can’t afford to do it, don’t make me cheap.

Wait, where was I going with this?

Oh yeah, basically I have no problem spending a money on a woman for a date.  It’s just that all these dates add up and are making me less excited to go on them.  Which is just one more reason I’m ready to get out this game.

Now that I’m grown, I’m expected to take a woman out when we first meet and out usually costs.  I have to treat her a few times before I can suggest staying in which is funny because it used to be the reverse.  You snuck girls in the dorm room until you were serious enough to bring her out in the light.  Even fresh out of undergrad the rules were close to the same.  But the bar was lower back then.  We all didn’t have the most money and the environment was different with folks just being out and about all the time anyway.  You probably hung out with a girl several times in public at some event or in the student union which reduced the need of having to actually “go out”.  We even had a free theater in our student union.

These days more is expected, which doesn’t always equal money directly, but you usually end up coming out of pocket some.  And that’s something else I want to make clear.  I am in no way insinuating that women are gold diggers who require you to spend ‘X’ number of dollars on them.  That’s definitely not case with any I deal with and probably not with most women.  Just saying that as an adult, you can’t get away with the same things anymore.  Which is fine, I have no problem treating women, but man when you have multiple dates lined up back to back it really digs in.  Taking Karen out to lunch today doesn’t seem too bad until you factor in that you’re taking Janet for dinner and a movie on Thursday and Shay wants to go out this weekend.

But you know the Catch 22 , I gotta stay in the game to get out it.


4 thoughts on “Dating Grown: This Ish Adds Up

    1. Thank you ma’am and that’s the goal. I’m just out here casually meeting women and going out from time to time. I’m not serious enough with anybody to just focus on that one person yet if that makes sense.

  1. It makes a little sense. I think dinner is a little extravagant for first dates. I prefer going for coffee just in case we don’t hit it off and I need to make a quick escape. I’m glad I’m a woman. It’s less stressful. We just show up and look cute 🙂 Good luck out here, it’s rough.

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