A Moment of Appreciation: Lorine Chia

Last year, outside of all of the great new releases, I got hip to a plethora of older (but new to me) albums/artists.  I think I “discovered” more artists this year than I have in a long time.  Probably since the early days of me getting into the underground.

As shown in part by my favorite albums list, I felt I spent more than half my time listening to non rap albums, which is a significant shift for ya boy.  A lot of which still very hip-hop but just not straight up rap (i.e. Anderson .Paak).  So most of these artist I wouldn’t consider rappers, at least not as their primary function.

Which is a trend I’ve been noting lately.  Not for a lack of good rap but more so for a change in tastes met with an abundance of great music.

Anywhom, one of the many artists I found out about last year is Lorine Chia, a talented Atlanta based singer/songwriter who I’ve been bumping daily for the past month.

She dropped a short EP with the Blended Babies (a production crew) in December that didn’t quite make my favorites list but was dope enough to catch my attention.  I immediately dug into her work and haven’t come up for air since.  Her voice is so enthralling and soulful I can’t get enough.  I really dig her style.  My favorite joint is A Little While, a perfect groove that makes me long for someone to share it with (pardon the lonely statement there).  But for real this is a fly a** song I keep on repeat.

Lorine dropped a new project a few days ago with Romero Mosley (someone who is on my list to check out now) with the aforementioned and other smooth tracks on it.  It’s early but I already feel that this will make my favorites list next year.  Shorty is dope so please check her out.

Check the link to her website and another one of my favorite songs from her below.  I’m looking forward to whatever else she has coming out.


Lorine Chia – Purple

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