Will the DCEU Ever Get It Together?

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has been very noticeably behind (putting it nicely) the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).  It looks pretty bad now but I have faith that they can get it together as long as they learn from their missteps.  So DC (I know you’re reading) here are what I view as your biggest issues to address if you aren’t already:

Keeping up with the Jones’s

Have you ever shown up to a pre-game/party late and everybody is already like 5 shots in so you try and catch up?  Odds are that night didn’t end up too well for you.  That’s essentially what you’re doing now.  Marvel’s been drinking since 8pm, pacing themselves, and here you are showing up at 11pm trying to match what they’ve had all at once.  Maybe take some time to flesh out solo characters before you do a movie introducing 7 at a time.  Hopefully this Wonder Woman movie will level you out like a much needed bottle of water (you gotta drink water man) because right now you’re lookin like that guy at the party slumped over the couch.  

Drunk Peter Griffin on couch
Don’t be this guy.

Comparing only DCEU and MCU

This one is not really an internal issue you can change.  Although I know a bunch of studios have their hands in Marvel’s pot, they’re all still Marvel properties and that counts for something.  It was a solid decade of Marvel films before the official MCU started and I’m sure there was a strategic component to that.  Take a look at what does and doesn’t work in separate universes, then take that knowledge and craft your official conjoined universe.  It’s like they conducted a bunch of focus  groups, a bunch of multi-million dollar focus groups.  So right now people are really only comparing your developing DCEU to the established MCU which in part is unfair but don’t let it keep you down because…

Marvel has some crap films too

Once again, nothing you can control but I suggest you use it as a little mantra to get you through.  In the 20 years since Blade, there have been some crap films with Marvel characters, but it doesn’t look as bad because it’s been spread out over time and people kind of forget and forgive.   

Bad Marvel Movie Fantastic Four
Marvel literally made a movie with a giant turd.

So right now you’re starting off kind of shaky with the DCEU but you have time to catch a stride.  And don’t forget, if you add in all the other DC films, you have some classics under your belt.  But speaking of those…

You spend too much time on only two characters

Basically over the past 50 years or so, we’ve only been getting Batman and Superman titles.  You haven’t done much in trying to bring other properties to light.  Granted most of the other titles you’ve tried sucked, I defer back to my previous statement.  Just power through like you do with Batman.  You spend so much time and effort giving us the same story over and over again, the average movie goer hasn’t had a real opportunity to get familiar with your brand outside of Batman.  Therefore you’re put in this predicament where your movies are caught in an identity crisis.  Not knowing if they want to be the Avengers or The Dark Knight.  And then we end up with a Suicide Squad.  Again, just take the time to really give some other characters a fair shot.

Suicide Squad Enchantress Inflatable Man Funny
Pictured here: The Suicide Squad taking on Enchantress.

Remember, it’s not really a race

I know you and Marvel are long time rivals, but to be honest, it’s not really a competition at this point.  You both are well established and make major bank.  It’s like the Jordan vs LeBron discussion.  They’re both game changing athletes, with multiple rings, and multiple millions of dollars…they both won.  In the grand scheme, neither can take away from what the other has accomplished.  For the foreseeable future, comic book/nostalgia movies are popular and making a ton of money.  You’re not really in danger of losing business to Marvel.  People are still going to go see movies from both of y’all regardless.  You know unless you keep putting out duds, but then again your last two duds still made millions, soooo maybe not.  

Just remember to keep ya head up like Pac said….and maybe lower those budgets and focus on better one-off movies and you’ll be fine.  Or get whoever oversees the DC Animated Universe to step in because those joints are on point.  Just a suggestion friend.


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